The World Cookie Summit

March 21-26

starting each day at

11:00 AM (MT) or

1:00 PM (ET)


priceless days


cookie tutorials


q&a teacher session


business mini classes


amazing teachers


mind-blowing summit


Register here for this World Cookie Summit's FB group, to get past summit recordings and to get updates on the next upcoming WC summits. Congratulations on finding the

next step in your cookie journey!

Powerful things happen when people come together to learn, inspire one another, invent some new ideas and maybe even change the world.

Oh, and of course make some awesome cookie friends along the way. Join us.


Starting in:

Each day consists of the world's most trending cookie influencers sharing some of their favorite cookie decorating secrets as well as a cookie business class.

Wrap all that together inside one of the most supportive Facebook groups and one epic panel q&a session.

This is all free in the Facebook group when you tune in live daily at 10 AM (MDT).

Join us for the refresh you've been looking for.


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